£2.50 for each banner measuring 1 metre long x 10mm deep
(Up to 12 Swarovski crystals can be added for an extra 50p per banner)
Click on images to see full photographs

Personalised ribbon sashes with any wording.  If ordering more than one sash, they can all have different names, wording etc.  I have made sashes for birthdays, hen nights, prom nights, school leavers days, steward sashes for events, baby showers etc.  They are designed to be worn on the right shoulder and self-adhesive velcro is included in the price so you can get a perfect fit.
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Up to 12 Swarovski crystals can be added for an extra 50p per Sash)
Sashes £3.75 each Adult
Sashes £3.50 each Child

Personalised ribbons 1.5 cm or 2.5 cm width ~ £1.50 per metre.
Personalised ribbons 4 cm - 4.5 cm width ~ £2.00 per metre.
Can be used for gift wrapping, tying round gift bag handles or bottles, using round a cake, tying round a bouquet or laying across a wreath. Can also be used for wedding/christening/baby shower favours.  The ribbon can be provided by the metre with the wording repeated throughout or can be provided cut into individual pieces.

Washable labels to sew on to your child's favourite soft toys or comfort blankets and personalised with your contact details so you can be contacted if the toy gets lost. Please use the photos as a guide for how much writing will fit on to the label.  The labels are provided flat and you just fold them over and sew them on.  Approximate size 5 cm x 5 cm (folded size) but I can make them smaller.
Lost Toy Labels ~ £5.00 for a set of 6, either all the same or all different plus p+p.

Make a statement at your grand opening with your business name printed onto wide (10cm) ribbon long enough to be held by the key people at your event, providing a great photo opportunity before cutting the ribbon.  Clients who have used my Grand Opening ribbon include The Window Company, K9 Style Ltd (where my ribbon was featured in The Messenger Newspaper - please see photograph below), Love Hair by Charmaine, Cheeky Cherubs, Elkin Court, Mulino Restaurant and Instagram Influencer 'The Thompson Home' for their garden pub shed. 
(Please click individual photos to see the full photograph)
Grand Opening Ribbon is £10 


i have felt honoured to have made lapel ribbons for guests to wear at funerals and memorial services.  They can be made in any colour and are personalised with a name and date or short phrase.  They are a lovely personalised touch and guests can then take them home as a keepsake.

Prices for lapel ribbons are 30p-50p per lapel ribbon.

Apart from a few charities I personally support by making the lapel ribbons for free, they can be made at a reduced price for charity and fundraising events and then can be sold at your event, helping to raise extra money to your cause.


Personalised bookmarks made from good quality satin ribbon

£2.50 each with metal ends and charm

£1.50 each without metal ends and charm

Ideal as a personalised gift for a book lover or teacher gift

Can also be personalised with wording for a funeral in classic black with silver or gold print, to be given out to guests.  Click on the photographs to see the full image.

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